REAL-START Research Project

These are the facts

Diverse families have special needs….


Families may have less knowledge about autism/developmental delay, different concerns about disabilities, and trouble navigating the health care & educational system.

Minority children are less likely to be diagnosed with autism or to receive autism services.

Clinics serving these families may need additional supports to effectively conduct screening.

REAL-START is a research project that aims to help primary care practices that serve many Latino patients to implement developmental screening in a sustainable and culturally-appropriate way. We are now recruiting practices for our project.


By participating in REAL-START, your practice will…


Receive an  in-person training session about conducting general developmental and autism screening and referral.

Participate in three follow-up webinars to help with implementation.

Gain access to a practice facilitator to help your practice with problems that arise.

Implement standardized screening for developmental delays and autism, in accordance with AAP policy statements and Bright Futures guidelines.

Increase cultural competency and improve techniques for communication and referral for families with limited English proficiency.

Learn about necessary documentation, coding and billing of screening tools.

Improve referrals and care coordination with local resources.

 Please contact Laura Wilson at laura.wilson@oraap.org for more information.




Resources & Tools

Resource brochures for families of kids at risk for Developmental Delay:

English Spanish

Resource brochures for families of kids at risk for Autism:

English Spanish

Instructions for Printing Brochures


Pocket guide to navigating diagnosis and treatment resources for kids with Autism:

English  Spanish

Short explanation for parents about the M-CHAT, can be attached to M-CHAT screener:

English Spanish

Audio administration protocol for the M-CHAT:

  Spanish English

Instructions for M-CHAT audio

Instructions to audio– for clinicians

How to Make a Therapy Referral for Applied Behavior Analysis


Center for Disease Control & Prevention fotonovela about early identification of developmental conditions:

English  Spanish

Information about the K Plan and legislative advocacy:

GO Project

Autism community resources by county:

Oregon Family to Family Resource Maps

Early Intervention Referral Handout

English Spanish

Research Study Information

REAL START fact sheet



Hillsboro Pediatrics   June 21, 2016

Providence Gateway July 12, 2016

LaClinica de Buena Salud July 18, 2016

Tanasbourne Pediatrics July 21, 2016

Providence Medford Pediatrics August 3, 2016

More Trainings

To find out more or to schedule a training, please contact us.

Community Partners

Oregon Health and Science University

Autism Society of Oregon: Provides information about Autism in the state of Oregon.

Autism Speaks: Provides information about Autism.

211 Info: Free information about Autism or Developmental Delay.

Oregon Family to Family Health Information Center: Offers parent to parent support and help navigating the educational and medical systems. Support available for all disabilities.

CaCoon (CAre COordinatiON) Program: Nurses offer home visits in which they provide families with information and skills to coordinate care for their children with complex health conditions.

OPAL-K: Provides free, same-day child psychiatric phone consultation to primary care clinicians in Oregon.

OPIP: Public/private partnership dedicated to building health and improving outcomes for children and youth.


Katharine Zuckerman, MD, MPH