Adolescent Substance Abuse/SBIRT

These are the facts

SBIRT is the use of routine and universal screening, validated screening tools, patient centered change talk and the transition between primary care and treatment.

Substance abuse is the leading cause of teen mortality. Age of first use is inversely correlated with lifetime incidence of developing a substance abuse disorder.

  • Almost 70% of high school seniors have tried alcohol;
  • Half have taken an illegal drug
  • Fewer than 25% of Pediatricians screen for drinking and driving
  • All of the leading causes of mortality (ages 10 – 24) are associated with alcohol and drug use.
    • Motor vehicle crashes – 30%
    • Other unintentional injuries – 16%
    • Homicides – 16%
    • Suicides – 12%

Current practices

  • 45% of pediatricians routinely screen adolescents for alcohol and drug use
  • 5% routinely use a questionnaire
  • Fewer than 25% screen for drinking and driving

 VIDEO: Screening an Adolescent for Substance Use




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